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Book s. What do you do with the dust jacket from a hardcover book? View Results. Home Characters Authors. Order of Domestic Diva Mysteries Books. Monthly Newsletter! We will send you one e-mail a month notifying you of any hot new books announced or coming out, as well as any new additions to the site. Not only does Sophie already have the wedding to plan for, but a house full of guest, including her parents, her 10 yr. The rest are staying down the street at Natasha's house, who also is living with Sophie's ex-husband, Mars. I lost track. After Emily's murder, Detective Wolf Fleishman is put in charge, and he is also the current boyfriend of Sophia, but you see very little interaction with him in this book, unlike the first.

Now, in case you didn't read the first book, Sophie and Natasha have know each other since school days and have also been rivals in the etiquette department. Both have columns in the newspaper, but Natasha has her own TV show. I can only describe her as an over the top Martha Stewart and she will drive you crazy!

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She tries to wedge her way into the wedding plans and even change the theme to suit herself. She takes over Sophie's house and also makes major changes there all the while criticizing Sophie on whatever she does. This part was bad.

I was waiting for Sophie to get a backbone and tell this woman off! She plays the martyr most of the time and feels she is being kind in the eyes of everyone by letting Natasha get away with upsetting the applecart, which she does at the wedding When another murder happens in Sophie's tool shed, on the second attempt to have the wedding in her backyard, everyone seems to be a suspect and it can get overwhelming at times.

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It seems the groom and his family are not who they say they are. There were pages of details on the color schemes of the wedding from the lighting, tablescape, food and music. If you like this sort of thing then you will love this book. I thought it funny that day or night, Sophie was able to whip up a fantastic meal not even knowing how many people were going to show up. Her refrigerator must rival those of the finest hotels with all the gourmet foods and other items she was able to produce and cook up in a few mins The killer s were no big surprise. Hannah, Sophie's sister was just plain spoiled and mean most of the time.

No wonder her marriages never worked out! I was happy to finally get to the end of this book. It wasn't all bad, but I did have to breeze through the details and lond winded conversations that went nowhere. The murder's were well plotted so I gave points to the author on that score. At pages, it could have been whittled to and been just fine. I preferred her first book and hope things get back to normal on book three. Read full review. What's not to like about a mystery wherein the heroine advises brides on a budget to buy "simple glass votives" on eBay and group four or five together for maximum impact?

Remember eBay Live!

The Diva Takes the Cake (Domestic Diva Series #2)

I'll never forgetting enjoying my piece of wedding cake with Baskin-Robbins ice cream from the Camp eBay booth. But I digress. Sophie and Natasha are dueling domest ic divas whose rivalry dates back to their school days.

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Natasha is a Martha-Stewart-on-steroids type with her own TV show, whereas Sophie is a more practical and down to earth professional party planner with a newspaper column. She's currently staging the wedding of her much-married sister, Hannah, to the loathsome Dr. Craig Beacham who sports a bad combover; that's about all we know about him from the first book, but in this book we get to know him much better. By then worse disasters already have occurred, starting when the groom's ex-wife is found hanging from Natasha's pergola.

This is one event Sophie and her suster hadn't planned on. Then his estranged family show up unexpectedly. As hidden family secrets begin to come to light, Sophie finds that the list of suspects is almost as long as the list of wedding guests. And she doesn't get much help from hot police detective Wolf Fleishman, whose romantic interest was so promising in "The Diva Runs Out of Thyme" but seems doomed to frustration in "The Diva Takes the Cake".

However, she is nonetheless ready, willing, and able to serve fabulous food and beverages at all hours to any number of people. Recipes for some of it can be found in the back of the book; they're pretty darn good and best of all realistic for actual human people to prepare in normal proportions. I found the humor throughout to be drily hilarious, especially Sophie's unfailing ability to whip up those incredible meals and also the tips that top each chapter heading.

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They alternate between Sophie's and Natasha's respective solutions to various domestic issues, with Natasha's notions being invariably over the top. If you enjoy a domesticated cozy with plenty of homey detail — especially about wedding themes and details — then you'll probably get a kick out of "The Diva Takes the Cake".

Thank you for reading my review. If you found it helpful, please vote by clicking "Yes" below! Cute, kitchen cozy series.

LOL Surprise Doll in real life found inside my house!!

Not a "deep" read, but not meant to be. Interesting mix of mystery, recipes, nosy protagonist with nosy neighbors, an ex husband who can't seem to let go of his ex wife, some rude family members and "friends", competitions of all types! Strange combination, but I enjoy this series.