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Nick's profile. Her research activity has been instrumental in moving forward debates, dialogue and scholarship in three substantive areas: sex work, the commercial sex industry and sexual exploitation since ; forced migration and the asylum-migration nexus since ; innovative participatory, biographical, performative and visual methodologies since My main research interests address psychological, legal and social policy questions on gender, rights, sexuality and the law.

It has become increasingly difficult for policy makers and regulators to untangle the complex and inter-related nature of the sex industry and sexual offences.

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In addition, outcome measures of current interventions do little to improve our understanding of the process by which the subjects in this industry understand and interpret the sexual and social practices in which they are involved. One strand of my research addresses the socio-cultural, psychological, philosophical and human rights issues which surround sexual and gendered behaviour.

A second strand of my research involves the investigation into a series of psychological interventions for offenders. I have completed four systematic reviews of psychological interventions for adults and juveniles convicted of sexual offences. We analysed a range of quantitative and qualitative studies as well as compiling a database of the research in this area.

One of the major challenges for future behavioural intervention trials is to speed up the evolution of the interventions. In this regard I designed and validated evidence-based methods of assessment to measure and evaluate the work of clinicians engaged in the psychotherapeutic treatment of offenders. Additionally, the ATSO annual residential study school and conference enabled clinicians to engage with the work of international experts in the field.

Belinda's profile. Laura is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Salford. She completed her PhD at the University of Leeds, which explored the governance of sex trafficking in England and Wales. It focused in particular upon how the strategic priorities and organisational politics of the voluntary sector and the police are negotiated and structured through service delivery.

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She is a feminist and committed to social justice. Laura's profile. Her research considers how sexual trafficking has been constructed through the law, the media, within academic research and in interest from activist groups. Alison's profile. This research breaks new ground in the developing field of women writers and Victorian medievalism. For my post-doctoral research, I have written the introduction and edited an international, interdisciplinary collection of articles on Victorian material culture with Routledge , and am currently editing an interdisciplinary collection of essays on Vikings in film with Professor Paul Hardwick, for McFarland, to which I have contributed a chapter.

I have published a book chapter with Routledge on Victorian media on the construction of the sex worker I am formatting the work to be available as an eBook as part of the whores of yore project. Her work is a primary reference in the field of the legal regulation of commercial sex and her scholarship includes original theoretical expositions in books and internationally peer-refereed journals as well as international empirical studies, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Scottish Executive and the ESRC, re a comparative project on European prostitution regimes.

Selling sex : experience, advocacy, and research on sex work in Canada

She has been a Visiting Scholar at the Universities of New York and Stockholm where she researched the Swedish law relating to prostitution. She was a member of the Scottish Parliament's Expert Panel on Prostitution and continues to advise policy in this area.

This new European research network on prostitution policies brings together scholars on prostitution from throughout Europe. Jane's profile. Her thesis titled 'How Female Performers Experience Webcamming as a Form of Sexual Commerce', focusses on the lived experience of female webcam performers.

She addressed her thesis question by interviewing 40 performers and a number of industry insiders. Thus generating a unique body of data that addresses a sector of sexual commerce that is both legal to perform and which has been somewhat resistant to research. As a consequence of this research she is has a keen interest in innovative research methods and is currently working on a number of articles that explore ethical methodologies within sex work academia.

During Rachel worked as field researcher on the ground breaking East London Project. In this role she has been instrumental in the recruitment and interviewing of street and indoor sex workers. Having been involved in researching the most criminalised form of sex work i. Her work involves systemic advocacy, program development and building alliances across public, private and voluntary sectors, as well as developing capacity toward the social, economic and political inclusion of people who trade sex.

Raven's work is aimed to support the equal and safe participation of sex workers in civil society.

She obtained her PhD from the University of York in Her research interests centre around gender, sexualities, sex work, ageing, embodiment, and visual research methods. Katy has completed research projects relating to erotic dance, sex work, and ageing and everyday life. She has published articles in a number of journals pertaining to her erotic dance research, and her latest work includes a co-edited collection entitled 'Queer Sex Work' Routledge, , with Dr Mary Laing and Dr Nicki Smith. Katy's profile. Her research focuses on the production and dissemination of cultural narratives of sexuality, sexual deviance and sexual violence, and the ways in which women are positioned within them.

She also examines feminist cultural constructions of sex workers as either symbols of feminine victimisation or of female sexual empowerment. She is also currently working on the establishment of an all-Ireland research network around commercial sex and sexual labour. Tayna's profile. Nicola's profile.

Laura's research interests broadly lie in the field of gender and criminal law, with a particular focus on the regulation of sex. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council ESRC , my PhD research examines the experiences of young gay and bisexual men who use social networking sites and smartphone applications such as Grindr to sell sex online.

I am interested in how new technologies have made the sale of sex more covert, leading to what I call 'incidental sex work',and the implications this has for social policy. My research has also documented the increasingly positive experiences of sexual minorities in educational settings, changing attitudes toward sex and relationships, and the influence of social media on youth sexualities and masculinities.

His research has empirically documented the erosion of homophobia in educational and sporting settings, and examined the impact this has on the social dynamics of these settings. His research explores how decreasing homophobia has resulted in an expansion of gendered behaviours for heteroseual male youth, including emotional openness and physical intimacy. He has also discussed the changing nature of homosexually-themed language, and stressed the importance to recognise generational differences in how such language is understood; particularly for teachers and other practitioners.

He also researchers the improvement in life experiences of sexual minorities, with a focus on bisexual men in British and American metropolitan cultures. She has worked with the third sector on issues such as domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and street-based sex work. Her first monograph Women and Sex Tourism Landscapes will be published in September of , and she is also working on an edited collection with Jon Mulholland and Nicola Montagna on gender and nationalism published by Palgrave in September Erin's profile.

Professor Phil Hubbard has written extensively on the relations of sexuality and the city, and has particular expertise in the regulation of sex work through planning, licensing and environmental controls. This has included international comparative projects funded by the ESRC, Joseph Rowntree and British Academy: he has given expert testimony to the British All Party Parliamentary Group on prostitution, and his work has also been cited in Australian and New Zealand parliamentary reviews. His publications include 'Sex and the city: geographies of prostitution in the urban West' and 'Cities and Sexualities' Phil's profile.

She has a B. She was recently awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize. Prabha's profile. Eva is researching the interdependent relationship between the legal framework of sex work and political mobilization of sex workers in England and Wales and New South Wales in Australia under the supervision of Dr. Prabha Kotiswaran and Prof.

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David Nelken. Her wider research interests include criminology, social policy, feminist theory and social movement studies. Eva's profile. Collaborative research has provided important data on street based sex work and violence in the city of Cardiff, it has located the service provision needs of off street sex workers in Cardiff, and it has critically examined the perceptions of Cardiff and Swansea residents on sex work and policy development.

Macioti PhD is a researcher and activist in the field of citizenship, migration, language and sex work. She is currently writing a critical review on mental occupational health, sex work and other "risky" professions at the Faculty of Public Health of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her research broadly centres on how sex, space and society interact, with a particular focus on relations between indoor sex work and residential communities in recent studies.

Emily is also interested in sex work regulation and local authority policies, and evaluating the evidence base for these strategies. She is also part of the UCLan Policing research team. Emily's profile. This work will be published as a monograph with Routledge in Sarah volunteers as an outreach worker for The Streetlink project, Preston, working with female street sex workers.

Sarah's profile. It draws on the experiences of NSWP members, using submissions, in-depth interviews and case studies gathered through a consultation process. This report addresses the needs of rural-based sex workers in Ontario, Canada under Canada's anti-sex work legislation introduced in December They interviewed 30 sex workers and 12 social service and health service providers.

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Their research demonstrates that human rights abuses against sex workers in Norway are directly related to the criminalisation of clients and third parties in Norway. Amnesty International also found tha sex workers themselves were penalised and criminalised under the "Nordic Model".

Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back

The resaerch is the result of three weeks of interviews with 54 sex workers in Norway as well as desk research. This large, Canadian research explores the perceived control and power within interactions between sex workers and their clients. Sex workers and clients report that most of their interactions are free of conflict and are characterised by relatively symmetrical dynamics of control and power. The ability to negotiate over the terms and conditions of the commercial sexual services offered and sought before meeting in person is linked to workers feeling more control over condom use and feeling more empowered compared to those whose first encounter with clients is face-to-face.

The fact sheets provide important information about the changes to Canadian law the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, that criminalise sex workers, clients, and third parties. The fact sheets offer practical tools for sex workers and explain how the new laws negatively impact sex workers.

Download this resource: Advertising and the Law, Stella - March It can be used to challenge the widespread promotion of this detrimental legal and political approach to the regulation of sex work.