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Behavior-Driven Development starts with a simple idea: developers can't write good software if they don't understand what it's supposed to do. BDD is a development process that helps users design better code by writing tests that describe the behavior of an application and its underlying requirements. Done well, it helps deliver higher quality software that creates business genuine value. BDD in Action teaches the Behavior-Driven Development model and shows how to integrate it into existing development process.

Types of non-UI automated acceptance tests 9. Testing against the controller layer. Testing business logic directly. Defining and testing nonfunctional requirements. BDD and unit testing BDD is about writing specifications, not tests, at all levels.

BDD unit-testing tools are there to help. Going from acceptance criteria to implemented features BDD favors an outside-in development approach.

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Start with a high-level acceptance criterion. Automate the acceptance criteria scenarios. Implement the step definitions.

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Use the step definition code to specify and implement the application code. Exploring low-level requirements, discovering design, and implementing more complex functionality Use step definition code to explore low-level design. Working with tables of examples. Discover new classes and services as you implement the production code. Implement simple classes or methods immediately. Use a minimal implementation. Use stubs and mocks to defer the implementation of more complex code. Expand on low-level technical specifications.

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Tools that make BDD unit testing easier Practicing BDD with traditional unit-testing tools. Writing specifications, not tests: the RSpec family. Writing more expressive specifications using Spock or Spec2. Using executable specifications as living documentation Using fluent coding to improve readability. Fluent assertions in JavaScript. Fluent assertions in static languages.

Living Documentation: reporting and project management Living documentation: a high-level view.

BDD in Action Behavior driven development for the whole software lifecycle

Are we there yet? Reporting on feature readiness and feature coverage Feature readiness: what features are ready to deliver. Feature coverage: what requirements have been built. Integrating a digital product backlog. Organizing the living documentation Organizing living documentation by high-level requirements.

Organizing living documentation using tags. Living documentation for release reporting. Providing more free-form documentation. Technical living documentation Unit tests as living documentation. Living Documentation for legacy applications.

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BDD in the build process Executable specifications should be part of an automated build Each specification should be self-sufficient. Executable specifications should be stored under version control. You should be able to run the executable specifications from the command line. Continuous integration speeds up the feedback cycle. Continuous delivery: any build is a potential release.

Continuous integration used to deploy living documentation Publishing living documentation on the build server. Publishing living documentation to a dedicated web server.

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Faster automated acceptance criteria Running parallel acceptance tests within your automated build. Running parallel tests on multiple machines.

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Running parallel web tests using Selenium Grid. About the Technology You can't write good software if you don't understand what it's supposed to do. About the reader No prior experience with BDD is required. About the author John Ferguson Smart is a specialist in BDD, automated testing, and software lifecycle development optimization.

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Davis Foreword by Olivier Gaudin. Effective Unit Testing A guide for Java developers. Students will also discover how BDD helps keep development focused on the real requirements, resulting in a higher quality product for the end user. These are skills that every developer needs to master. Interested in attending? Have a suggestion about running this event near you? Register your interest now. But TDD is notoriously hard for teams to adopt effectively without experienced guidance.

The first steps are the hardest, and can decide whether TDD adoption will succeed or fail within the organisation.